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something something extraordinaire ([personal profile] nintendoh) wrote2015-11-13 12:08 pm

Nintendo Direct

It's been a while since I've had the chance to post about a Nintendo Direct and I am excited, because it was a pretty decent one that def exceeded my expectations (though to be fair I didn't really have any?):

  • Twilight Princess HD, yes yes. We all knew it was happening, but it was still nice to see and that Amiibo is pretty great. Plus I like how they used that announcement to remind us the new Zelda game is DEF happening and the Wii U version is still a thing (while not outwardly denying the possibility a NX version could be happening).

  • Mother 3 is coming to the VC in Japan and releasing next month, which is neat.

  • Even better: Nintendo is FINALLY going to release the original generation of Pokemon games on 3DS VC. CANNOT WAIT. Dunno if you heard, but in Japan they are going to release DL card versions in stores with physical boxes mimicking the originals, looking to have some inserts and stuff as well. Total nostalgia pandering to the twenty and thirty-somethings, but yeah I'll take it.

  • Love that Linkle (genderswapped Link) is officially happening. She is awesome and now I need to play Hyrule Warriors. Hopefully she becames popular enough where she can get her own game.

  • Not in the Japan direct, obv, but I do think it is super awesome that SQE is FINALLY going to release Dragon Quest in the west again. Yay for DQVII and VIII on 3DS in English!

  • ...and finally, the biggest moment of the direct: CLOUD IN SMASH BROS. Who saw that coming, honestly? It's a bit weird, but undeniably awesome. Will def get my off my ass and back playing smash on my 3DS again because of this (and/or maybe finally getting to the WiiU version?).

    Seems like SQE and Nintendo are getting cozy with each other lately. Def bodes well. Maybe that FFVII remake will get an NX version too? Maybe those rumors of DQXI will have an NX version are true?

Anyway, that's all from me for now. Just have one more day at work then tomorrow is Okinawa! Yay!

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