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  • Got New Order's new album Music Complete off iTunes over the weekend and I adore it. Def will have to get off my ass and look into their back catalog.

  • Started (re)reading the Evangelion manga, with hopes of finally reading the last couple of volumes. Also considering a rewatch of the TV series and movies. The next (and final, right?) movie is coming out pretty soon here, and I need to get myself stoked!

  • Katsushi and I finally sent off the two boxes of books to Book Off that we put together ages ago. I sold my Japanese Ranma manga, y'all. Still love the series, I just need some space (both in a mental and a physical THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH SPACE ON MY BOOKSHELF sort of way).

  • I will be in Okinawa in three days! Hear it's going to rain Saturday but trying not to think about that too much.

  • Fell off course in coursera. Not going to be able to complete the CSS3 course. Way to go, self. :/ I should try to catch it next go around. Or the one after that, cuz let's be real: As the holidays approach it's only going to get harder for me to focus on academic pursuits.

  • Oh my...did Nintendo just announce their first direct in almost six months? I will definitely be setting my alarm early Friday morning so I can get out of bed, shower and make some coffee before the 7am start time. Not going into this with any expectations, really, I just want to enjoy the experience. It's been so long!

  • Related to the Direct, a stranger jumped down my throat on Twitter over a tweet I made related to it this morning. After I responded he apologized immediately, because it was honestly silly. It was quite timely for me though, as it kind of illustrated a point brought up in an article I read over the weekend, The Decay of Twitter.
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[personal profile] torachan 2015-11-12 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
I need to reread Eva, too. I think I read all but the final volume, but even the other ones, since I was reading them as they came out, with a year or more between volumes, I was probably missing a lot just because of my shitty memory. So a complete reread to finish it would be best. And it wouldn't even take long because they are such a quick read.
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[personal profile] illusion_is_mine 2015-11-17 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)
New Order is great! I can rec some of their albums that I like if your interested. I still need to check out "Music Complete."

Evangelion has always been one of my fav series as far as anime is concerned. I haven't read the manga though. I browsed through it when I was book shopping one day, but never actually picked it up.