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God. I really want to update but I can't really, like, form an entry. I am feeling vaguely well this week. I've been feeling vaguely well since my birthday, actually. It's kind of funny. Before I turned 30 I thought a lot about aging, and also about what the hell I even DID with my 20s. I went through a couple months of close-to-depression PANIC, but once the birthday happened I was just like "Oh, okay."

When I talked to my fam on skype close to my birthday, my Aunt was there and she joked, "Now you are legitimate!" It kind of really feels that way though? Speaking from the viewpoint of social society, one's late 20s is a weird place to be. You are old enough where you feel apart from youth culture and trends, but you are not old enough to be "taken seriously" by, uh, more seasoned adults?

For my birthday a friend of mine in her 40s gave me a nice bottle of sake and was like "Now that you are 30, you should only drink GOOD things." Maybe this sounds silly, but it was like that sake was The-Teaching-Of-The-Secret-Handshake. With the sake came my membership to the proper adulthood club, or something. Real adults see me as their peer! 20 year olds look at me as this weird adult-like-blob whose time on earth and various experience they can't fully comprehend (not speaking down, just remembering how I felt at that age)! Neat!

Listening to some New Order this morning thanks to a recc from one of my favorite youtube channels*. I don't know much about New Order, admittedly, as even during my faux-hipster phase in college I think I was too preoccupied with Depeche Mode or that one Cure album or something. Anyway, not listening to their older stuff, just the latest, but I quite like it! Especially this track:

* As a side note: Sometimes feel like I want to address youtube channels again. In the past year or so my fav channels have switched from major gaming channels to minor ones with a focus on discussion. Might be interesting? Or not?
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[personal profile] lilysea 2015-11-06 06:57 am (UTC)(link)
As someone who turns 40 next year, and is not thrilled, I found this interesting/helpful to read, thank you. ^_^
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Hooray for defeating the panic. I hope to claim the same sometime soon.
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Haha, yeah, I know what your aunt means. Though I feel like I'm going to get found out for pretending to be something I'm not, i.e. an adult.

An ex got me into New Order, but I don't think I've heard that track *goes to listen* (admittedly my experience of them is greatest hits plus one other album, so I can't really say I'm that into them).