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Oh gash

It is so easy for me to get behind on updating recently. :/

Notes on the last week:

  • Halloween was survived. Got through my kids classes in the same half assed costume I've been doing for years, and Halloween night was spent indoors. Katsushi wasn't feeling well and I was tired so we actually went to bed early. Haha.

  • Took a little trip to dork town by myself Sunday. Went early to try to avoid crowds (Sat and Sun there can be nuts) but there were still a lot of people. Didn't get anything, but enjoyed wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere at the retro game shops. Also got to enjoy seeing a real doll (one of those life size, super fancy sex dolls) in public. ON THE STREET. Someone was pushing it in a wheelchair.

  • Monday I took a big walk around the neighborhood. Goal one was to get a bottle of wine for a party (we'll talk about that later) and the other was for NERD SHOPPING. Originally I was just planning on getting a game or two on the Wii U virtual console that day, but the eshop was under maintenance all day, so instead decided it was time to take the plunge and actually play other Wii U games, as I've had the system for about 6 months and still haven't felt really good about the purchase (Xenoblade X wasn't for me, and while Splatoon is awesome, the level of play online got way too advanced for me).

  • We'll come back to the game stuff in a sec, but first: Tuesday was a public holiday, and we went to a party at my friend Sachiko's house. So much delicious food was had, and playing with Sachiko's son Chihiro was really fun. He's almost three now, so he's talking a lot now and isn't as shy as he used to be. Also got to pet a neighborhood cat for a while. It was so cute!

  • So, Wii U: I got Super Mario in 3D World! I spent a good amount of time going back in forth between a few games at the shop, but in the end knew this game HAD to be first. 3D Land is one of my favorite 3DS games and World is just as great. It's probably even the better game because you can play as TOAD. AND THE CATSUIT IS AWESOME AND ADORABLE.

  • Also may have gotten the R.O.B. and Duck Hunt amiibos. Haha... But they are so cute and retro and I actually do like using them in Smash, so maybe I will actually try to use them? Katsushi says I am getting obsessed with Amiibos. I beg to differ, but I do have 5 now, and when I saw my local shop still had Dr. Mario, I was like "Hmm, next time?" so I dunno, maybe he is right.

  • Other than Mario, I am also playing Ao no Kiseki Evolution on my Vita. It's the sequel to Ao no Kiseki, which I played back in February, and it is wonderful. It is a bit slow going as of now, but it's fun to wander around. I really love the Legend of Heroes games. Def my gaming discovery of 2015 and are now an all time favorite series of mine. UGH. Speaking of which Trails in the Sky SC is out in English now, so y'all should play that (but do FC first, naturally).

  • Netflix did a November update I guess and they added Princess Bride! I basically ignored Netflix in October, but this is the perfect excuse to actually watch something on it (and hopefully get to some other items in my to-watch list).

  • Feeling settled into my new twitter account now, which is good. Feels nice to be free of the old one. But man, getting people's attention when you weren't a super active user before is tough. I've managed to get most people, but there are a few who either haven't noticed my HEY NEW ACCOUNT tweets and my new account adding them, or maybe they just want to silently unfollow me. I dunno. But I'm done advertising. They can search me out if they want to.

There is more I could feasably talk about, especially commenting on fannish articles/news I've heard recently, but next time! This is long enough as is. This is why I need to update multiple times a week. Don't care for these walls of bullet points. :/
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[personal profile] silveradept 2015-11-05 11:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Yay, Super Mario 3D. Those cat costumes are just adorable.
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[personal profile] torachan 2015-11-06 06:44 am (UTC)(link)
Yay Mario! If nothing else, World is better because it's a much bigger game. But yeah, the cat suit is awesome. I love how you can just run up the flag pole. XD