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  • I wrote an entry Monday morning about the Sakanaction concert and never posted it. Here it is in it's entirety:
    Post concert hangover?
    No alcohol consumed or anything, think it's just a mix of exhaustion and my cold. The Sakanaction concert was awesome! Super dancy and fun! Admittedly the latter half was better than the first half. Other than the super dancy intro, they played their more rock-ish songs first, some mellow songs, then launched into a bunch of dance-y tunes.

    Yoru no Odoriko was absolutely insane. Everyone went nuts. And they had dancing Maiko just like in the video! Another cool bit was they had a taiko group (with didgeridoo??) play with them as well. They actually opened for them, playing a couple songs before the band took stage, then they came out later to play during Identity, followed by a really intense electronic track. The mix of club music, tribalish percussion (THAT DIDGERIDOO) and maiko (because yes, they came out to dance again) was hypnotizing.

    Anyway, it was awesome. This was my first rock concert in over three years and I almost forgot how invigorating they can be. As it turns out, Sakanation is coming back to Osaka at the tail end of their tour at the end of February. I didn't know until they talked about it last night, but when I looked it up found they were in the middle of the presale period, so this morning I put my name in the raffle for presale tickets. Fingers crossed I'm chosen! They will be playing at a smaller venue this time, so I have no idea how difficult it will be to get tickets.

  • My parents house had an offer after only a day of it being on the market. They have accepted. The offer they put in on a condo near the waterfront was also accepted. Things are happening really fast and I am reeling, a mass of complicated feelings and nothing else. Definitely happy I went home during the summer though. Can only imagine how much more upset I'd be if I hadn't.

  • Took one of those personality tests for the first time in ages, and I'm actually going to try to not forget it within a week as I have in the past. I am INFJ. Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. Hooray? Makes a lot of sense, though, the more I read about the type.

  • I'm having a birthday party for myself next weekend, and a handful of my favorite people can't make it for completely forgivable life reasons. It's fine, but I'm getting a bit down about it anyway. I guess part of it is that I have some friends from my hometown visiting and I kind of want to show off my friends here, but won't be able to. The other part is me being just generally down on myself recently. The mind is not always a friendly place.

  • F**king Haikyuu. I think I am starting to love you and I wish I didn't I have to make myself feel so embarrassed about it.

  • Katsushi and I had lunch at the City Bakery cafe yesterday and they had pumpkin pie! I was really excited about it and it did not disappoint (City Bakery has yet to let me down!), but I was bummed because it is an October, Halloween special only. Booooooo.

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