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Coughing and such

So, cold recovery isn't going quite as quickly as I planned. I have had a pretty cush week at work, so I thought that would help me regain my energy, but I'm still finding myself pretty tired at the end of the day. Not exhausted, but definitely tired. I'm kind of regretting floor tickets for Sakanaction now (cuz oh yeah THAT IS TOMORROW). Having an actual seat to park myself would probably be best, but it's too late now so I'm just gonna have to stand the whole time and hope it goes well.

In happy news, Katsushi is finally going back to work, after seven or eight months of willful unemployment. Last week he announced he was going to register at a temp agency, and yesterday he went for an interview. Oddly enough, the temp position is at a company he had worked with before (His last job was a service that basically lent out programmers and web people to companies that needed help. Like a temp service, but not really? He was salaried, and def got payed more than a temp worker would), so I guess it was an easy fit and they hired him on the spot. He starts sometime next week.

I'm happy for him, I'm happy for me, and I'm happy for us. It will be better for our relationship for him to work. The majority of 2015 I haven't been getting enough alone time and he has been getting too much, and the affect on our attitudes (me wanting some privacy and general quiet, him being sometimes quite eager for my attention after work) has been a bit stressful to manage at times. Hopefully the rebalance will be good for us both.

On a final note, some fannish ramblings:

1) There are a lot of Nintendo-related articles and rumors circulating recently. I hope Nintendo comes out and addresses fans soon. People are saying a Direct is inevitable in the next few days because I guess there is some MAJOR maintenance happening on ALL online shops in a few days that implies, perhaps, the new account service they promised us this fall? And then there are the game rumors and such. We'll see. I'll be keeping a close eye on twitter this weekend and keep my fingers crossed. I understand continuing Directs will be difficult without Iwata. He had an irreplaceable presence that cannot and should not be imitated. But a pre-holiday season Direct is overdue, so Nintendo needs to get over it and just give us one. They might stumble through the first batch trying to reimagine and perfect their approach, but that is okay.

2) Got through episode 10 of Haikyuu!! this morning. This show, I swear. It can be SO MELODRAMATIC sometimes, and I find myself giggling at some of the drama and dialogue, but at the same time getting kind of emotional in spite of myself? There have already been a handful of times I've found myself tearing up. I am a cheesy and sentimental guy, but I blame the music too. The music they play during the wondrous/emotional/inspirational bits is SO GOOD and it totally manipulates me into feeling whatever they want me to feel.