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Well, hi there. It's been a week. Unfortunately I seem to be doing this more often these days. Social media and I are not seeing eye to eye these days. But mainly I think it's just that I've been fighting a wicked cold since last Thursday. Much physical fragility and sore throatedness was experienced, all coming to a bursting point on Sunday, leading me to spend the whole day (and most of Monday) in the house taking it easy.

This means for most of the time since I last posted, other than a little coursera, I've been in MEDIA! CONSUMPTION! MODE! and that is what I have to share with you. SO LET US DO IT.

The weekend before, when I was ~healthy~, I took a trip to the bookstore and came home with a stack of manga that I have been going through. Started reading One Punch Man after hearing so much about it. It's pretty entertaining and I'll probably read more of it, but I dunno, may give up eventually. I'd been kind of craving something Jump-ish, but I dunno if this is going to do the trick or not. Also picked up the next couple volumes of Silver Spoon and FINALLY got around to Vol 3 of Sunny, and have used the chance to just restart the series from the beginning. Sunny makes me happy-sad, and I actually feel like I am learning life lessons from Silver Spoon and wish it has been around when I was a teen. Finally, read volume one of Futsutsuka Mono no Ani Desu ga, a manga about a high school girl with a shut-in older brother who decides to leave his room and go back into society. I adored the mangaka's last work and hope to love this one just as much.

After reading the first two One Punch Man volumes, decided to watch the first episode of the anime. It was alright? After that I for whatever reason found myself watching Haikyuu! and uhhhh, I think I really like it? I've watched the first five episodes so far and I think I am a bit emotionally invested in Hinata. Am I gonna do a sports anime/manga? Oh nooooo. But seriously I can kind of see myself putting One Punch Man on hold and reading Haikyuu instead. D:/:D

Lunar 2! Lunar 2! Because of being sick and spending a lot of time in bed the past weekend I put a ton of time (10 to 15 hours?) in this weekend. And I beat it! Kind of. Because there is an epilogue. A difficult epilogue. An awesome epilogue. I'm working my way through it right now. I probably won't do everything (there is a lot of optional stuff open to you, but you only need to do three dungeons to see the true ending), but that's cool. I'm holding back on sharing final opinions about the game, but that is an entry for a different day.

Atlus recently announced SMTIV Final for the 3DS and I am pretty hyped for it. I think that hype is part of what is making me want to finish Lunar ASAP, because this game comes out in February and I haven't even played SMTIV yet and need to GET ON THAT. So yes, while I was thinking about another game originally, looks like SMTIV will be my next game.

Finally finished watching Wet Hot American Summer on Netflix. It was so over the top. Sometimes I loved the humor, sometimes I thought it was stupid. Loved the cast though. Also, last night TBS (the Japanese TV station, not the American cable channel) was having a 60th anniversary special in which they showed memorable clips from old dramas and variety shows, and it's made me really want to watch some 80s/early-to-mid 90s Japanese dramas. Unfortunately the oldest Netflix can offer is 1998 (GTO! Which I do want to watch anyway), which isn't as far back as I'd like to go. Are there any streaming sites still around for Japanese dramas that might have old stuff? I'm sure my old drama haunt has some torrents, but I don't really want to download anything.

...and with that I've got about 1 minute before I have to leave for work. Not even finished (wanted to talk about Sakanactionnnnn, also wanted to check/edit), but oh well. Talk to you later!
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For older dramas your best bet might just be heading over to your nearest rental shop and seeing if they have DVDs.
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Argh, I can't believe they've announced an SMTIV sequel! I've not even beaten the original yet! (Mostly because I suck at it. Why you so hard, SMT games? *pouts*)
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I've heard that IV gets easier once you get past the initial section, but given that I'm stuck on the second boss... Maybe I should just suck it up and play it on easy as well. >_< I do recognise one character on the promo pic, but they're quite different from how they appear in IV! I wonder if that's a spoiler or something that happens in the new game?
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I keep wondering about Haikyuu because someone I follow on tumblr reads/watches it and the fandom is kind of piquing my curiosity.

I'm not that hype about SMTIV: Final? I should be, but I haven't played IV anyway, and I don't have a 2/3DS to play it on anyway. Although holy carp it comes out in my birth, actually the day after my birthday. Wonder how long it'll be before the English release.
(Plus I've never played an SMT game on time yet. So I'm sure I can wait for this one).
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I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

Was it? I don't know, really. I saw a lot of it on my dash on tumblr, but I'm following a lot of SMT fans. Though that's good, because I've heard some not so good things about Atlus' finances (hence all the P4 spinoffs), and the reason there was a long gap between III and IV was because III made a loss overall. I say go for it! It's not like there's an overarching storyline between the games, so it's not like you're missing anything by having not played the first three.

I think they secretly hate Europe ;)
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I've caught some episodes of Haikyuu! since it's airing here (dubbed in local language/s). I don't often read/watch sports manga/anime, but somehow I found it entertaining enough. I thought the same thing about Kuroko no Basuke (also saw the dubbed version). I kind of liked them both enough to watch, though probably not enough to marathon episodes.

I don't know a lot of drama streaming sites since the non-legit ones tend to shut down every now and then. There's Viki and Crunchyroll, but I don't know if the one you're looking for is there. There are probably some on YouTube, too, but they're probably not easily found through site search.