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Yeah so I dunno. It is October now and as such my birthday month. I turn thirty in a little over three weeks. I've been thinking about this event all year, but the weight of it has steadily been increasing as the date creeps closer. Kinda want the date never to come, kinda want to just get it over with. God, how does one spend the last weeks of their twenties? I have no idea, but I can't imagine I'll be doing much other than listening to a bunch of music, thinking, and sipping alcoholic beverages (on the weekends, anyway). Because that seems to be how I process. Maybe I should get myself a bottle of awamori for the next few weekends?

In around the house events, other than my rampant moodyness, I have been enjoying Lunar 2 a lot. The sprites are so goddamn cute and colorful, the dialogue is playful, and the story never feels too heavy. It is perfect. I am also continuing to feel music intensely on youtube. In def need of a music shopping spree in the near future, I think.

Educationally, I had my first Japanese lesson in a few weeks which was nice. I'm also slooowly working on programming (as mentioned before, I think, I'm already a week ahead as is), and for HTML I just decided to make my own little playground locally on my laptop. That's really the only way to do it, yeah? I tried to read online materials and tutorials and they were a bore. Best to experiment myself, yeah? It's fun, I guess, though I am reaaally having to hold myself back from styling things. But I'm trying to be as good as possible with basic, clean HTML5 code so it doesn't mess things up when my CSS3 class starts and I go about refamiliarizing myself with that.

And finally, that awkward Seungri dream from the other day has made me think a lot about him. There was a second I thought maybe I should actually just take that dream and make a Topri fic out of it (because that is the only Big Bang pairing I kinda like?), even though I've never written fic before. Don't think that will actually happen, but you never know. In any case I have been listening to his solo stuff a lot the past few days. Still seem to prefer that to most of Big Bang's more recent releases.
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Yeah, the milestone birthdays age the tough ones, one you get past the ages that have additional privileges associated with them.

I think the local playground idea is a great one, and that resisting the temptation to style is great for building things that work, first, and that will degrade gracefully if needed. The rest is pretty window-dressing.
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I want to say something cool like "Age is nothing but a number! you're only as old as you feel", but then I realized that even though I honestly believe that I still get the birthday blues almost every year. So I hope you have a good birthday even though it's a milestone!!

I'm learning honest HTML5 for my web design class. Boy, do I feel ya on wanting to style things lol. I'm actually surprised that my textbook doesn't bore the snot out of me.
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I had the same thoughts as you when I turned 30. I wasn't really looking forward to it, but part of me just wanted to get it over with. I definitely felt the sense of "I'm getting old" the closer I got to turning 30. I initially planned to get a tattoo, but never did go through with it.