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Motivation and annoyance.

It's been a bad week workwise. Just not having it with the kids this week. I dunno if it's them or me. I vote them but I'm probably just not sleeping enough or something.

But that aside, learning is fun when you can learn what interests you. It always is, but I seem to forget this? I've been a fan of Coursera since I first ran into it in early 2013, but I seem to only do get the gall to attempt courses there once a year.

They've completely redone the platform since I last used it, and it's been a mostly positive change. Not sure I like the layout as much (the old one was uglier, but it was simple and clear), but I do like how, at least with what I am doing now, all the course material is up from the start. Materials are still organized by weeks and there are due dates, all to help you stay on track, but if you want to work ahead a bit you can.

As for the classes...I ended up signing up for the Python course anyway, as I figure the first two classes of the series will be review of what I studied last year anyway, so should be relatively struggle free, as I (hopefully) will be able to remember core concepts. And HTML5 actually has some pretty relevant changes I didn't know about, like a mess of new tags and a weening off of the div tag (which when I last took a web design class in 2007, we used for EVERYTHING). Pretty cool!

Also um TGS things?
  • Persona 5 Delayed until 2016? First reaction was disappointment but was then quickly replaced with relief. I thought it would be Nov/Dec if it was still happening this year, and that's going to be kind of a busy time for me personally, so it's probably better it doesn't come out because I KNOW WHAT PERSONA GAMES DO TO ME. Also that new trailer is amazing.

  • Star Ocean 5 Gameplay. Unf. Even without P5 this year, looks like I still have to get a PS4 sooner rather than later because this looks SO GOOD and February really isn't that far away.

  • Not a Monster Hunter fan at all, but Monster Hunter Stories looks surprisingly good? Might want this.

  • There was vague hinting at a Star Ocean 2 Evolution port for the Vita last year, and now it has been mentioned again, and they will port it to the PS4 as well? Can't say I understand what's going on but I am excited I guess.

  • Finally, not TGS but the PS1 version of Lunar 2 just got released on PSN in Japan this week? And Game Arts is teasing another classic game release soon? Fingers crossed for Lunar 1, and fingers double crossed they will become available stateside as well. I'll take the Japanese versions, but if the old Working Designs versions became available I'd be ecstatic.
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I would love to play the original Lunar again. I rebought it for the Playstation years ago, special box set and all, but then never got around to playing it, and sold it when I sold a bunch of games I wasn't playing. Now I wish I hadn't!

I first played it in its original incarnation on the Sega CD and loved it, though my file got glitchy and at one point I could not progress any further (it would freeze after beating a certain boss) and I didn't want to start a whole new game, so I never finished it.
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Yeah, I sold so many games a few years back when I just wasn't playing very much and decided to clear stuff out and make some money... There are definitely some I regret! Of course it was exciting to get a lot for some of these games, but that means I can't easily buy them back, either. :p I do have it on my iTunes wishlist, but idk how the iOS version holds up...

I've never played Lunar 2, though I'm definitely interested considering how much I loved the first one.
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I'm not that surprised P5 got pushed back given the relative lack of info up until now. It's a shame, but... Well, gives me more time to save up for that PS4. :) I would have been excited SO5, but I hated 4 SO MUCH. That said, I'll probably still end up getting it anyway.

I think my favourite thing from TGS so far has been the Ace Attorney 6 trailer (and the anime announcement, even though I know it's going to suck). I'm such a sucker for that series!