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I have a feeling I'm going to be writing a lot of entries this week.

Hah so yesterday's entry was written while on a very happy beer buzz, though perhaps it was obvious idk. Anyway, I was mainly just happy about music and PS4. BTW, if you haven't read up on what was announced at the Playstation conference there is a nice collection post here. Makes me excited for TGS this weekend, though all I really want is a P5 release date. Anything else would be a bonus?

I've been getting emails from Coursera the past couple weeks advertising all these new courses and/or specialties starting this week, and since my Japanese teacher and I are taking a break these next two weeks, decided to use the extra time to look into stuff. I joined an HTML5 class, the first course in a specialization in Web Design (I'm not doing the pay-for specialization certificate, just planning on following the classes for free). I've liked web design since I was a teen, but my knowledge is rusty and outdated. The last time I took a web design class was 2007 and the landscape has changed some, you know? And I do still want to set up that website, so the refresher is necessary.

Also interesting to note that the class in Python programming I took last year has been expanded into a four course series. Don't think now is the right time, but it's something to keep in mind.

Last night Katsushi and I watched the first episode of Orange is the New Black. We aren't sure how much we liked it. It gets better, right? Everyone talks so highly of it and I really want to enjoy it.
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I didn't really like Orange is the New Black. I found the main characters boring, didn't really love any of the supporting characters, and didn't find the humor that humorous. I think I watched like, 4 or 5 episodes before I quit?
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Yeah I think that's a good plan. By then there were episodes that focused on other characters as well so you'll get to see if you like them enough to compensate. For me it wasn't enough.
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I haven't watched any of season three or more than the first couple episodes of season two of OITNB just because I haven't been in the mood for dramas lately, but I did really enjoy season one! I do think the first episode is not a great representation because it's really focused on Piper, whereas once she gets settled in prison it focuses more on the rest of the inmates as well (though Piper is always the main character).
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It's weird, because I can sit and watch two or three hours worth of 20-30 minute shows in a row, but one 40-60 minute episode has me dragging my feet so much I'll fall behind by entire seasons. :-/ (This is also why I almost never watch movies, even though I could easily watch the equivalent time in short shows.)
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Orange Is the New Black gets a LOT better! I nearly quit in the first few eps as well but didn't because it had gotten so many good reviews from people whose taste I trust, and I really love it now. It takes a couple of episodes for the show's focus to shift off Piper (who I found really annoying at first), and once the focus starts to broaden, it gets much better.